Work at Delta

Work at Delta

 "At Delta we believe that People are at the core of our Success"    

Our goals are to build a workplace culture that fosters leaders, and to create a workplace that allows every person to thrive, contribute, and grow. We offer comprehensive and competitive pay and benefits to attract and retain talented individuals to further our mission.

Our work culture thrives on three most important factors – Transparency, High Integrity and Technology. We encourage our people to think global, train them for bleeding edge technology.

Work environment at Delta is full of trust in progress to reach the boundaries. A few key elements show our work culture & progress are global exposure, work-like balance, multi-domain experience. Our human relations also play a main role in our success.

Our criteria on Human relations cause:

  • Progress in Performance
  • Leadership with Democracy
  • Consulting employees in staff related issues for solving tasks.
  • Work groups in influencing performance etc.