Java Web Development

Java Web App Development:

Java Web Apps:  java Web start (Jaws) is an application that can be run on a network and can be used by many client systems just having a compatible browser. Java language is portable and platform independent, which can be supported by multiple platforms, So are the applications developed by it. They can be easily implemented or can be downloaded.
Types of Java apps:

  • Desktop Apps
  • Web based Apps
  • Applets

Here desktop apps are totally static and can’t be used for client-server requirements. But unlike desktop- Apps, Web-Based Apps and Applets are the applications that can be used for such purposes. They can be stored on a web server and can be run easily.
Advantages of JAWS and APPLETS may include:
Java Web Development 

  • Storage on web server
  • Can be executed on any client system of network.
  • Updated by website owner i.e., it can be updated on server directly.
  • No Piracy risk
  • Plat form Independent.

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